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About us:

Early History:
Columbian Home Products, LLC traces its history back to 1871, when it was originally named the Bellaire Stamping Company, named for the Ohio town along the Ohio River located just down from Wheeling West Virginia.   Manufacturing stamped metal cookware, lanterns, mason fruit jars, and other products; the company enjoyed tremendous growth, and opted to build a new plant in West Harvey, Illinois in 1891 where a new state of the art Enameling plant was established.  Around the same time a fire in the packing area of the plant in Bellaire convinced the owners to move the business in full up to its new operation in Illinois.

Welding Machines

The new plant in Harvey, proudly proclaimed itself as manufacturers of “Columbian Enameled Steel Ware, Stamped Ware, Plain and Re-tinned, and Sheet Metal Specialties” to coincide with the 1893 Chicago’s Worlds Columbian Exposition of 1893, an event in which visitor totals equal to half the population of the entire USA made it to the show.   The tremendous success of the show made it the perfect name for Bellaire’s products.

Tragedy struck in on New Years Eve, 1900, when fire destroyed the entire Harvey plant, and despite insurance coverage, the need for cash to rebuild was too great to start up again immediately.

Late in 1901, the company had the capital to start again, and opted to change their name to their popular brand, to capitalize on the enormous popularity that Columbian had built in the marketplace.   A new location in Terre Haute, Indiana was selected from many competing sites, and by 1902, the business was shipping goods again.

During the First World War, the company shifted from making cookware, to making helmets for the war effort, and over the years have made some unique products ranging from photographic equipment, to sterilizers, but the most popular has always been the world famous “Graniteware” pattern of enameled steel cookware, made in the plant largely the same way it has been for over 100 years.

Recent History:
In 1968 the company was acquired by the General Housewares Corporation, who relocated their entire corporate offices to Terre Haute in 1990, and sold the cookware division to the current ownership group in 1998.  Under the new ownership, the company returned to the name Columbian Home Products, and changed the corporate address to Lake Zurich, Illinois, but the Terre Haute plant is as successful as ever, and continues a more than 100 year old tradition of creating the finest cookware in America, and is celebrating excellent growth.

Columbian Factory - Terre Haute, IN circa 1902

Columbian Factory, Terre Haute, IN 
Circa 1902