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Pro Chef Pre Seasoned 11 ½ inch Cast Iron Stir Fry

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Pro Chef Pre Seasoned 11 ½ inch Cast Iron Stir Fry


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Pro Chef Pre Seasoned 11 ½ inch Cast Iron Stir Fry

Unlike a wok a stir fry is generally used to cook high heat foods continuously.  Stir Fry Pans are also smaller than woks and are not as angled. Cast Iron stir fry pans are superior to carbon steel stir fry pans in heat retention and uniform heat distribution and also allow to form a more stable layer of seasoning which makes it less prone to food sticking on the pan. Even though cast iron cookware is known to be heavy as well as thick, Joyce Chen’s Pro Chef Pre-seasoned Cast Iron 12.5 inch Stir Fry Pan is manufactured using a proprietary casting technology that enables a lightweight and thinner walled cast iron product. The technology involves a process where a special alloy combined with a unique tooling creates a cast iron cookware that is less porous and giving it it’s natural shape. The handles are made from maple wood giving the Pro Chef Cast Iron products that beautifully polished look. These woks are then preseasoned with a natural vegetable oil which contains no chemical additives that will require minimal care and that will last indefinitely. Also the exterior of the pan has a silicone coating to prevent rust from developing and making clean up a breeze.
SKU: J23-0003
UPC: 048002230032
Color: Black with a Maple Handle